Construction in general

We carry out any type of new construction or renovation, being our specialty the construction and renovation of high-end swimming pools and spas. We are also dedicated to the extensions of country houses, apartments, terraces, renovations in kitchens, bathrooms, roofs and a long etcetera, but always with the best guarantee for our clients.

Pools and spas

The construction of the pool begins with perimeter walls adapting to the form of lost formwork.

The armor is made of high-strength 10 iron with a 20 x 20 bar spacing and electro-welded mesh of 5 and a separation of 15 x 15.

Then we proceed to the installation of plumbing inside the vessel with 10 atmospheres polyvinyl chloride tubing, sumps, impellers, pre-installation of the heat, etc ... and the electrical installation, grounding throughout the installation, underwater LED spotlights, etc ...

Gunite, 25cm of concrete thrown at a pressure of 7 atmospheres, is thrown over the armor. a watertight glass of total guarantee giving great compactness, adherence, impermeability, etc ...

The crown is built, then proceed to the coating of vitreous mosaic unalterable to acids, resistant to heat and zero porosity .

Technical service

We have technicians specialized in plumbing and electricity for swimming pools and spas. We install filtration equipment, heat pumps, thermal covers, salt electrolysis equipment, "net & clean" automatic cleaning system, "LED" spotlights with multiple color ranges, electrical panel installations, pump repair, repair of leaks. water in pvc pipes ...

  • Salt Electrolysis and PH Regulation
  • Heat Pumps
  • "Net & Clean" automated cleaning system
  • Filtration equipment
  • Countercurrent
  • Filtration pumps


We are dedicated to cleaning and maintenance of swimming pools and gardens. Our radius of action is the Marina Alta. We are members of the Association of Maintenance Professionals "ARTEM".

Exhibition and shop

We put at your disposal our store-exhibition, where we offer you a wide range of chemical products, of excellent quality, necessary to disinfect the pool and to keep your pool clean and crystalline, such as: chlorinated products, pH regulators, flocculants, coagulants, algaecides, descalers, degreasers ...

In addition, you will be able to find all the accessories you need to clean the pool, self-priming pumps and flint sand filters from the best brands that exist today. < / p>